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Many of you already know Fantasia from many places in the past. Currently, as Fantasia, we are working out of McGraw, NY, historically known as "Corset City", distributing our high quality Renaissance, Victorian Period and Steampunk Style Clothing, Wearable Art and Lingerie through mail order, the Internet, The Maryland Renaissance Festival and other shows.

Fantasia also was expanded in 2008 to shows featuring our paintings, photography and Art Dolls. Each of us have a seperate Web address to showcase our individual art styles. These will be up soon! Best of all....we are now concentrating on Steam Punk....really love it.......Victorian Styling with gadgets and ray guns!

Allen Phillips' page is: www.designsbyfantasia.com/allen.html. Here, Allen will display examples of his Pet, People and House Portraits, along with other styles of his work.

Please also Note: We as Fantasia, are taking Special Orders over the Internet by email at lylasfantasia @ gmail .com or via phone at 607-836-2006. Please speak slowly and clearly when leaving a message for Lyla is seriously hearing impaired.  Anyone who wants a Fantasia Corset or Bodice for the Maryland Renaissance Festival must order it by the end of June to get it during the Festival's run. Any items ordered after August 1, may take beyond Feb 1, 2016 to have completed, so please be aware of this time constraint. Maryland Renaissance Festival Stock does have to take priority during the Festival season and we are sorry about the problems this does cause for Fantasia's Loyal Customers. For future orders, please fill out a Fantasia sizing form at The Maryland Renaissance Festival, or any of our other Shows through the year and then submit the information. If you have bought or tried on one of the Fantasia Bodices or Corsets in the past and still know your "Fantasia Size," then please do email us with your information and we will keep it on file. As Fantasia, we will never give out this information for any reason.

Purchasing Fantasia Clothing may be done at the Maryland Renaissance Festival and other shows through the year, and for the exceptions to the above, by phone, (607)836-2006, or email us at "lylasfantasia @ gmail.com". We take Master Charge, Visa and Discover. All orders must have a 50% non-refundable deposit to start work, and the balanced paid and cleared, before shipping. Some Prices for Web Orders will be higher then the prices at the Fantasia Festivals and shows, for the same items. Please see The Fantasia Price list for some of the differences. We are sorry if any of these policies are inconvenient, however, we as Fantasia are hoping that we will be able to accommodate more Customers with better service.

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The Fantasia web site and all of Fantasia's Associates including broken links, will now start being revised extensively, so please Bookmark all the new Designs by Fantasia addresses, and the main home site of www.designsbyfantasia.com to keep abreast of the latest changes. If you see a problem with navigating the Fantasia web pages or can suggest a change, do let us know by lylasfantasia @ gmail.com email.

All members of Fantasia would love to know what you think about our site, our products, our presentation at the Renaissance Festivals and Conventions, and receive pictures of you in Fantasia Clothing. We adore getting mail and will place your comments at Fantasia Testimonials page (I have a ton to put on now, and will hopefully soon!) Any photos received will be put in the Fantasia Portrait Gallery. Thanks!

Finally, here is the care and feeding of our bodices, and corsets:

The care and feeding of Fantasia�s Bodices and Corsetry

First of all please never.....
  • have them dried cleaned,
  • put them in a dryer,
  • clean them in a washer, no matter what the setting!
Please instead......
  • hand wash in mild soap
  • lay in a clean dry towel and wring out excess water
  • then hang or better yet, lay on a dry towel or sweater hammock dryer.

In-between wearing, if you don't want to wash them.....
  • then lay in a clean towel,
  • roll it up
  • and lay in a drawer.
  • This will wick away the perspiration and freshen the bodice or corset. It also helps to keep the spring steel boning dry.
When you are done with your bodice or corset for awhile, then again, roll in a clean cotton towel and store it in a drawer.

These steps will keep your bodice or corset in excellent shape and it will last longer then Fantasia's 3 year guarantee! Thank you!

Purchases of all Fantasia products may be made by PayPal.  I am currently looking into having our own shopping cart but this may take a while.

Please note that all prices listed are in US currency and may be subjected to change without notice. We as Fantasia, try our best to be consistent in pricing, however, sometimes we are surprised by a supplier or how much it will cost to fill a request and the Price List may not be up to date....... so please call or email if you have a question. Thanks!

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Fantasia's 2015 Show Appearances

  • Cortland Art and Wine Festival, Courthouse Park, Cortland, NY:
    August 1; 10 am - 6 PM
    Featuring Lyla's art, photography, Mixed Media, and Art Dolls

  • Maryland Renaissance Festival, Crownsville, MD:
    Aug 29 - Oct 25, 2015:
    Fantasia will be there for our 14th Season selling Men, Women and Children, Clothing Corsets, and Coats.

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Fantasia would like to acknowledge the use of some of the graphics
and images within these pages which are courtesy of...
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....and Special Thanks goes to our photo models: Kris Kirsten, Laura, Myles, and Mike Meagher (all other photos by myself or Artemas Rookey and are property of Fantasia) and patient, enduring, models: Jennifer Riesley, Artemas Rookman, Akela Mears, Dana, Carol Buckley, Holly Bouton Downham, Ken, Justin Rookey, Mira Rose Rookey, Dorothy, Amber Fox, Kris's wife and Danielle

18 Church St;
McGraw, NY 13101

(607) 836-2006

EMAIL: lylasfantasia @ gmail.com
  • Web site designed & maintained by Lyla. Please report any problems or suggestions to her at lylasfantasia @ gmail.com. Thank you.
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